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*RITUAL BEFORE THE HUNT* RESCHEDULED [Nov. 30th, 2008|07:38 pm]
Chicago Pagan Community


[music |Sturmpercht]

Due to unforseen weather conditions, sadly one of the DJ's can't make it. So we will be rescheduling for NEXT Sunday. Sorry for any inconviences.


Hearken all darkened souls! The night of December 7th at midnight (Sunday in to Monday) will be the return for one night of Ritual Before the Hunt with DJ’s JanderVK and :Марья:. It will be a special evening, so come join us tear the nether veil…

You can tune your radio dial to 88.5 FM (Chicago) or listen online at http://www.whpk.org/



Find out what time we’re on in your area of the world

ps. And feel free to pass the word around!