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Thorn Coyle, Chicago IL March 7-8 [Feb. 2nd, 2009|11:06 pm]
Chicago Pagan Community


This is a unique opportunity to attend an intensive with T. Thorn Coyle in Chicago.

If you are interested, please pre-register as soon as possible--our organizing team needs 20 particpiants pre-registered by this Saturday or we will not be able to afford to bring Thorn in. You can pre-register with a deposit (refundable if we don't get enough registrations.) Your registration will help bring this life-changing work to Chicago.

T. Thorn Coyle
Sex, Will and Magic: Opening to Life Power

A 2-day intensive March 7 & 8, 2009
Life Force Arts Center, 3148 N. Lincoln, Chicago IL

Do you yearn to feel vital life force flowing through you?
Would you like to bring more magic into your life?

Magic is the marriage of breath, will and desire. If our lives lack full access to any of these, our magic will not thrive. In this experiential workshop we will learn ways to tap the energy of life and sex, using this to strengthen our will and fuel our work. Energy techniques, meditation and chanting will help us access life power, opening our lives to heightened awareness, energetic sensitivity, and a strong, magical will. Strength, love, and beauty will surely follow. If you desire to awaken the energies of creativity, sex, and life force within you, please join us for this intensive.

Dates and Times: Saturday, March 7, 10am-9pm   Sunday, March 8, 10am-2pm
Admission: $125 for the weekend. Please register with greenjenbyers@gmail.com
Location: Life Force Arts Center, 3148 N. Lincoln, Chicago IL

T. Thorn Coyle is an internationally respected teacher. A spiritual seeker her whole life, she has studied the craft of magic for more than twenty-five years. Thorn combines her esoteric studies and work with her Gods and Guides to form a practice that honors the fertile dark and the limitless light. Mystic, musician, dancer, activist, and author of Evolutionary Witchcraft, and the forthcoming Kissing the Limitless, she makes her home near the San Francisco Bay.

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